First, im going to thank everyone who waited along and supported my mod

Special thanks to :

ClickGaster for the port

XxxMan360 for showcasing my mod


Keymil Animations and IOOC for the sprites and also for some things and ideas (join Keymil's group cuz his game is awesome!)

Ricartoon for the redesigns

serif for the trilogy ambient

XxxMan360 for the character usage permission ,for some assets ,for making the updater ,for making the website

and for making the enc/decry/decom program (he did alot of things lol)

disguised mcfiras for his great ideas

Gong and Ricartoon again for some musics

OssieTheOstrich for some suggestions

(note that the updater may not work if you don't have NT framework 3.0 installed)

Link :

if you have any problems with starting the game, replace gamelogic.lua with gamelogic_no_updates.lua .

there are some easter eggs ingame and in the data, good luck while finding them :D!

also note that this is a beta build, fell free to report any encountered bugs.


F : show the fps (frames per seconds)

H : show the play time layout (also opens the cheats menu when being in a level)

1 : activates the Super Seeds Powerup

2 :activates the King Sling Powerup

3 :activates the Sling Scope Powerup

4 :activates the BirdQuake Powerup

5 :activates the Anti-Super seeds Powerup (just same as the super seeds but is the opposite)

6 :activates the tnt drop

7 :activates the Mighty Red Bird Powerup

0: activates the Shockwave Powerup

O : activates the double score Powerup

SHIFT + 1 : activates the homing bird powerup

N :swaps the materials

M : summons the Mighty Eagle

B : enables the bird frenzy mode

V : gives a random ability to the birds

Y : refresh game

SPACE BAR : activates the motion speed changer (one tap = slow-mode, two taps in a row = no physicsal mouvments/ normal physical speed)

The Powerup UI has been implemented to make life easier for you!

Any Suggestions can be told either in the ab discord server , either the ab modding server or either the xxxman360's hangout server

Thanks for playing this Mod and enjoy!